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Our number one focus is about you. Our aim is to provide patients with quality Hemp extractions. Our products contain precise amounts of CBD, CBN, and Flavonoids, to attend to their specific needs by alleviating patience’s chronic and short-term pain through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

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Our Team

At Eternal Namaste, we strive to reach prominence in the state of health and well-being for humanity. We trust in the stability of an equilibrium state for your body and mind while your receptors have been pleased.

Ingredients i.e. Phyto cannabinoids are the essentials to reaching a balance in your life with satisfaction. We are also very keen to utilizing the finest growth through technological developments and science to set free of Mother Nature’s healing.

Eternal Namaste Our Story

Our Story

Having started in 2018, Eternal Namaste is always about evolving in the CBD industry to reach peaks that inspire others to join the movement of the best medicine in the world. From City meetings expressing our thoughts about the benefits of what unique group of medicine this truly is and familiarizing ourselves around to support locally owned businesses. All our products. Our company ensures the fun experience and pleasure to anticipate an augmented life for our customers.

The main ingredient of what motivates us is to care. Care for our customers and care for the environment as well. By way of that, we choose to use chemical-free and natural ingredients to ensure the maximum potentiality for the consumer.

Meet the Team


Vanessa Volpe


A passion of mine is Gardening and in 2016 I started rooting vegetable starts and sold them through a local Organic Grocery.

I enjoy working with the public and brainstorming with others to discover a possible solution to an issue inspires me to stay eager, never stop learning and continually strive to grow.

I believe in being the change you desire to see, change starts within a community, by broadening one's perspective, and becoming united as a city. The act of coming together and the term unity is literally what constitutes the word community. I am passionate about helping to educate and provide citizens in the community with available options to aid in their mental health wellness and/or recovery, all while sustaining the environment in which we all coexist in.

I regularly attend Redding’s City Council and Planning Commission meetings. I have spoken at both on the topics of expanding zoned areas for cannabis businesses, the parallels amongst terroir when cannabis or wine is grown, health benefits, how cannabis provides an alternative to pharmaceuticals, and the beneficial effects of CBD and the positive effects on the endocrine system when using CBD.

I was quoted in a Record searchlight front-page story after speaking at a city council meeting advocating for citizens’ rights to grow their own medicine outside using natural sunlight.

Volunteering my time at the Salvation Army is another way I can give back to my community.

Aman Grewal

Aman Singh Grewal

Employee of Eternal Namaste.

I have lived in Shasta County for majority of my life, but my family has had a locally owned business for 20 years this upcoming April, Gold Street Liquors. I have been managing it since 2015 and I graduated from Shasta High in 2016 and have been attending Shasta College ever since to get my Associates degree to transfer to University of Reno for Physical Geography. My passion for this business appeared when I could make a difference in people’s lives with the medicine provided. When I noticed the product brought happiness to the consumers, it only motivated me more to increase their level of value and search for others that is need of this in their life as well!

Daniel Torquato Redding Network

Daniel Torquato

Web Designer

Daniel Torquato is the owner of Redding Network in Redding CA and the Web designer for Eternal Namaste.

Namaste { nah-mas-tay }

“My soul honors your soul, I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides, I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. And sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.” -Anonymous

Directly Translated Namaste means "the divine in me bow to the divine in you.” Truth be told, namaste isn't exclusively a yoga word, as indicated by the Spiritual Science Resource Foundation. The word can be broken into three areas: Nama signifies "bow." This motion is viewed as one bow forward with hands together. Holding both hands together nearest to the heart chakra shows the prayer position. Moving hands to the inside facing the teacher (or yogi) recognizes and thanks the instructor for the training. "


We derived the meaning of our name from this enlightenment, to inspire those around us to continuously embrace the divine in themselves and the people who come in contact with them.

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Quality You Can Trust

There is fulfillment in knowing that ETERNAL NAMASTE products are of the most transcendent quality, utilizing the absolute best components. The procedure begins with only the finest organic hemp, domestically cultivated, and affirmed pesticide and contaminant free. You now can have the true serenity realizing every one of our products are safe, Farm Bill compliant, and above all demonstrated to convey real results!

Third Party Tested

Each item is verified by a third-party laboratory and incorporates a batch ID number, with the most superior quality Isolate that tests between 99.5-99.9% unadulterated CBD.

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